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On Sunday 31st of October, we participated with our BMW ALPINA B3 Touring at Portfolio Brussels organized by Curbstone Events. There was so much dirt on the road due to the rain the night before, we've never seen an ALPINA this dirty. It does look good right?

The all-wheel drive of the new BMW ALPINA B3 is fully variably and distributes torque as required between the front and rear wheels. Perfect for these muddy roads.

We had a blast and impressed a lot of sports- and supercars with this stunning daily driver.

The dirty roads made the BMW Individual Dravit Grau look more on the brown side of thing.

Before the lunch break, we had a go at the time-trial course set up at the RACB center in Nivelles. Meanwhile, back in Tervuren, our other ALPINA B3 finished in the beautiful BMW Individual Tanzanite Blau II was still looking as pretty as ever.


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